The bookends of my life are my 1951 birth as a Scandinavian-American, baby-boomer twin in Edgerton, Wisconsin and my most recent breath wherever I am.  I’m a Midwestern native turned Northwestern  geologist turned Northeastern academic who walks to work through the woods to the University of Connecticut in Mansfield where he professes, writes, researches, and coordinates the Stone Wall Initiative

  • Biographic Sketch explains my origins and career twists and turns, and is useful for media announcements and introductions.
  • Memoir of Mentorship explains why professors like me prioritize teaching to “pay it forward.”
  • Curriculum Vitae is my long list, used mainly for external judgment of my professional career.
  • Condensed Vitae is my short-list of the main points of my professional career.

Photos:  Author (left) and his now-deceased twin brother James in 1956 “messing about in boats” on a kettle lake in northern Minnesota.