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Hartford Courant

Hartford Courant

I’ve been a regular contributor to the Hartford Courant’s opinion-commentary section since February, 2001.  This is the state’s capitol-city daily, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the U.S., and the largest paper in the state.

In February 2003, I was invited to join the Courant’s  Board of Contributors to Place, a special commentary section being launched to help solidify the region’s “sense of place.”  Within a year, and after eleven essays, I had become the most frequent contributor.  This led to an invitation in early 2004 to become an official columnist writing weekly on Thursdays for a print circulation which was then about 275,000.   I published weekly for four years before cutting back to every other week.

As of January 19, 2017, I’ve published 423  regular columns and 36 essays for the Courant on a range of subjects. All are available online through bibliographic search engines. For a complete list, refer to my curriculum vitae. Scroll mid-way down the document.


Image: Banner for e-edition of Hartford Courant, from the subscribed website.