Thorson’s Data

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This part of the Online Repository presents tables of data (and charts) that I compiled from sources other than Thoreau during my research for The Boatman.  Each is preceded by a short explanation.  These are not referenced to page numbers in The Boatman.  

Table RMT 1 – Botany Gradient by 1861 Levels

Table RMT 2 – Rainfall Data from Waltham

Table RMT 3 – Concord Land Use after Donahue, 1989 and Tablechart RMT 3a – Concord Land Use after Donahue, 1989 Histograms

Table RMT 4 – Climate History after Baron, 1988

Table RMT 5 – Selected Concord Rainfall Records for the 1861 Experiments

Table RMT 6 – Differences in Surveys for 1811, 1834, and 1859

Table RMT 7 – Partial List of Musketaquid Vegetation recorded anecdotally by Thoreau

Table RMT 8 – Partial List of Musketaquid Animals recorded anecdotally by Thoreau

Table RMT 9 – Isostatic residuals for Musketaquid based on simple model.

Table RMT 10 – USGS Concord River Discharges and Tablechart RMT 10a – USGS Concord River Discharges, Average Monthly and Tablechart RMT 10b – USGS Concord River Monthly Discharges, by Year

Table RMT 11 – Place Names on Scroll Map

Table RMT 12 – Geology of Thoreau’s River Reaches


Photo:  Author (left) and editor John Kulka launching a replica of Thoreau’s only well-described boat, the Musketaquid. Thanks to the Concord Museum for the loan.