Geoscience Literacy   

Snail shell on rocks

Since 1979, I’ve taught introductory geology, environmental geology, and topical geology  to  thousands of students, mostly in the lecture-textbook format.  At least several times a year, I get unexpected feedback from the distant past, sometimes the alumni children of my former alumni students.  The highlight of this effort was developing and teaching  "Age of the Dinosaurs" for a dozen years. When the students ran their own evaluation program in the late 1980s, this jam-packed experience was the most highly rated science course in the general education curriculum.

Since 2003, I’ve also chaired the Curriculum Commitee for the Geosciences Program at UCONN. We are currently rolling out a new 5-pathway curriculum.

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Photo:  Earth and life are unified, as illustrated by this snail, barely bigger than a sand grain on a lake beach.